Dynamic Shadows On Translucent Material

This is the static standart poinlight shadow with translucent material. http://s30.postimg.org/oldimwev3/image.jpg This is the same scene replaced pointlight by pointlightmovable (lightshadow mode has been changed to lightshadow_normal) http://s30.postimg.org/5vlj65m4f/image.jpg If I tick "Mask Translucency Shadow As Ma Wiecej tu

UDK Logo – Permission

Hi, I sent an email to Dana Cowly as stated on the EpicGames page for getting permission to use a custom UDK logo in our game. We have had no reply and this was sent a month a go now. Does anyone know if Dana is still working at epic? Or who else to contact about this? Thanks in advance Wiecej tu